Help reunite two old Army mates!

For nearly 30years, I have been working for my Community. Now, I have been convinced to ask for help so that can continue. This is quite a difficult thing for me to do, please don't jump to conclusions about my work ethic or sense of entitlement. Just read first before you judge.

G'day, I'm Dave Bailey. In 1989 I joined Australia'spart-time Special Forces unit, the Regional Forces Surveillance Units (RFSU). I was one of many who spent their free time (and a bit more) travelling Far North Queensland keeping tabs on illegal activity and Border protection. Our patrol vehicles are critical members of the team. To mistreat your wheeled team-mate meant risking the ability to evacuate in an emergency or outrun a bushfire.Being a vehicle operator was a lot like the Light horse of yesteryear, feeding and watering our mount before we looked after ourselves. The vehicle also represents a period in my life where I overcame a difficult youth and was surrounded by true friends and positive male role models.

I'm here to ask for help to reunite me with my old steed and help me pay tribute to so many who have made our country safer, without any fanfare. I'm not just taking, but giving also- See bottom of page VVVV

No, I'm not asking you to buy me a play-toy unlike some other crowd-funding attempts! Here's what my old mate and I will be up to should we be successful;

* We will assist to the local Army and Air force cadet units 3-4times per year each.

* Provide training and guidance to the cadets about vehicle safety

* Information and Recruiting displays.

With this vehicle and my skills, the Cadets can conduct training in more remote and difficult terrain and still have the ability to evacuate casualties if required. Rides in a real 'Army car' are a lot of fun as well! Why cadets? They are not just about preparing people for the military service. They are fantastic Youth Development organisations, helping young people develop and realise their potential and giving them life skills to see them through the hard times. In this day and age of wrapping children up in cotton wool, these organisations are preparing children for the hardships of life.

Australian ArmyCadets

Australian Air Force Cadets

We will also be supporting State Emergency Services Training in difficult locations. On ANZAC day, we will be chauffeuring other old diggers in comfort and style at several marches.

After leaving the Army, I joined the Queensland State Emergency Service to continue assisting my Community with the skills I gained in the RFSU. Since then, I have become a Group and Regional trainer, l led my group from near closure and developed many new leaders, deployed in assistance to a number of communities around Queensland- Brisbane floods Fernvale, Grantham disaster, Cyclone Yasi.

I have travelled the length of the state at my own expense to seek out the best training to pass on to provide the best Volunteer response to Emergencies that our Community needs. All this Volunteering comes at a great financial cost. I hadn't held a full-time job for nearly 10 years! I had raised the funds to purchase my vehicle, but lack of regular income and numerous family health issues have dwindled the those funds to near zero. I had also commenced discussions about purchasing the vehicle from AWOL adventures prior to their closure. That was not to be.

But WIIFM you ask? I'm not just giving back to the Community; I'll also make it worth your while to help me out!

Donate $100- get a free copy of my best seller; 'Perentie Land rover Buyers Guide'. This guide has saved hundreds of buyers from wasting their money on junk.

Donate $200 and receive the Guide and a digital copy of a Rare Initial production vehicle photo display folder.

Donate $500 and receive a2hr Perentie Drive experience with tuition by me. (SEQ only) OR be the first to receive my upcoming Recovery point protectors. No need to chop them off to meet dodgy 'frontal impact' rulings.

Donate $1000 and I'll take you on a 2 1/2 Day (Fri - Sun) tag-along tour around SEQ

. * Get away from the crowd,

* learn how to REALLY drive a 4wd and discover a few 'secret' side tracks,

* Numerous opportunities to pilot the Perentie in different terrains. Northern NSW by arrangement. (If you get together to fundraise, you will all get to come along) If you can't make it to SEQ, you will receive the above Recovery point protectors and a chequer plate bonnet tool protector when completed.

Donate more$$,We'll chat!

So now I ask for your help. If you aren't able to assist, please forward this to your friends or contacts who might consider it. 


Written by dave bailey — August 17, 2013


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 Help reunite two old Army mates! For nearly 30years, I have been working for my Community. Now, I have been convinced to ask for help so that can continue. This...