I began this project out of frustration and anger at what I heard potential buyers of Ex-Military Land Rovers being told (Scammed).

What was even worse, was what they weren't being told!

I joined the Australian Defence Force in 1989 and was there the day our shiny new 'Perentie' Land Rovers were delivered. In my Long Range Reconaissance Unit, we literally depended on these vehicles for our Lives.

I've travelled many thousands of kilometers over the worst terrain Australia has to offer, most of that was cross-country. The Operators ran out of skill long before the Land Rovers ran out of capability.

In these 8yrs in Recon and another 2 yrs in the Infantry (operating the IIMV/ troop carriers) I have learned about the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of these vehicles.

I have also used my connections in the military to access information not readily available to the public. Not Sensitive military secrets, just hard to find.

I have also lent heavily on the hundreds of years of accumulated knowledge of the Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RAEME)Corps and Technicians from other Corps and Services. These are the hard working men and women who keep the Green machines on the road.

They know the life span of every component and the inherint design strengths and weaknesses of these vehicles.

I hope to bring you the most accurate, honest and reasonably priced information available to help you make the best decision you can now and when owning one of these Iconic and desirable vehicles.

Kind Regards,

Dave Bailey.


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