What our Customers are saying:

 Mark: “Awesome. Thanks heaps mate. Did some reading on how much effort you put in, and am impressed. Going hopefully this week to look at an '87 110. All of your advice on aulro has been really really good.Thanks.
Wish me luck!”

Peter; "This is perfect, thank you!"

Jake: "Hi Dave,I received the buyers guide and loved it, very informative.
Thanks a lot mate, you've done a great job!"

This Site and its' products were created to provide the 4WD buying public with information about Ex-Australian Defence Force (ADF) Land-rovers (in service from 1987) to make an informed decision about the costs involved, the Significance of some models and Specific vehicles.

For too long the average buyer has been kept away from the Real facts and information about purchasing and owning these Great vehicles!

In the past, we have lost a large number of Valuable and Important Vehicles due to ignorance, I hope to share this Inside knowledge to protect both the vehicles and their buyers.


With 18 diffrent types of vehicle to choose from, the decision is very difficult and probably costly, so I have taken away the guesswork for you.

I have seen people pay $8,700 and $18, 500 for comparable vehicles. Whose pocket is that $10, 000 better off in?

Dont YOU be the one who is caught out!

WIth hundres of years of collective experience contributing to these guides, you can be assured of getting THE BEST information available about these vehicles.

This is not some slapped-together collection of Web searches but a hand written book that covers all of the questions you might have and a few you didn't think of.




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