Contract HD Inspection of Auction or Private vehicles

Specialising in 'Perentie' Ex-military Land Rovers.

For $340 you will receive a written Inspection report. This report is compiled by a 40yr veteran or the Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (Army Trades Corp). You will also receive a package of 20+ High resolution photos of all the IMPORTANT areas on the vehicle. the known trouble spots and the stuff the online auction houses don't show. Where possible we will also include the most recent pages in the GM120 (military vehicle log book).
Save your time, travel expenses and crossed fingers.
The package will be in digital form allowing instant access and you can forward to your preferred mechanic for a second opinion.

Relax and Inspect at your leisure, take 3 hours if you like, nobody is going to hassle you.

Specify the Location, Sale Number and ARN or Lot Number.

Note, if complete details are not supplied, all efforts will be made to contact you for more information. If this is not possible before the Auction ends, a credit note will be issued for future vehicles.

Naturally, travel expenses will be added to a one-off inspection in remote areas. The savings can be huge due to your new ability to shop across the country or even Globally! Purchase with confidence.

Pricing subject to negotiation.